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A Buyer’s Guide to Wall Pack Lights

Wall pack lights, which also go by the name exterior building lights, are lights that are mounted on the exterior walls of buildings. They are generally used to light up building walls or the ground areas next to buildings that are frequented by pedestrians and vehicles.The best thing about these lights is that they offer additional security to buildings. Most of the time, multiple fixtures are mounted on a single wall and are evenly spaced (20-40 feet apart) so as to provide uniform light around a building.Lighting designers usually choose between 3 models of wall pack lights:  full cut-off, semi-cut off, and flood. Full cut-off and semi-cut off wall pack lights illuminate the walls but don’t discharge a lot of light outwards while flood wall pack lights light up areas near and far from the building.Most of the wall pack light fixtures installed in buildings use High Intensity Discharge lamps or other traditional lights. In this post, we’ll discuss why LED lights are much better for …

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