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Compelling Reasons to Choose LED High Bay Lights over Traditional High Bays

High bay lights are normally found in wide, open spaces with ceiling heights over 20 feet. These fixtures are used to light up large horizontal and vertical spaces and typically have a very high lumen output.Because of the ever-increasing cost of electricity – as well as the impact of greenhouse gas emissions – businesses, organizations, and institutions have had to adopt environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient lighting solutions.In places where high bay light fixtures are used – like warehouses, gymnasiums, factories, football stadiums, sports courts, industrial facilities, and big box retail stores – LED high bay light fixtures are now used (instead of traditional high bay lights) because they are more efficient. Many LED high bay lights are designed to generate diffused light which minimizes glare.The lighting fixtures used in high bay locations normally have a high lumen output and produce between 15,000-100,000 lumens. Since high bay lighting fixtures operate for a minimum …

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