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Retrofitting a 400W Metal Halide with LED

This is probably the most common HID light on the market, the 400W HID (Metal Halide or HPS) bulb. It’s not hard to find this fixture in a commercial or industrial facility. Along with their associated ballasts, these lights consume around 455 Watts every time they are turned on. Want to learn how to save 75% or more?Replacing 400W HID with a LED 100W RetrofitKitSo what is a 100W RetrofitKit? It is essentially a kit containing everything to replace the HID bulb and ballast in an existing fixture. Using your existing fixture, we basically take all the parts out of the fixture (bulb, ballast, reflector and socket). To replace 400W HID, we recommend our 100W LED Retrofit Kit. Our Retrofit Kit includes a LED Head and all the brackets to install the head into the existing fixture. It also includes an external LED Driver. Installing a Retrofit Kit is quick and painless: 1. remove the bulb. 2. remove the ballast 3. remove the reflector (you won’t need it as LED light is directional) 4. remove the …

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